Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


If you happen to find a bug, please report it on the forums. The proper section can be found here.
Please keep in mind that exploiting a bug will result in a permanent ban.

All suggestions should be submitted in the relevant forum categories here.
Please use the search function to see if someone has already suggested your idea.

Changes to the in-game script can be found here.
Changes made to the user control panel can be found here.

You can donate via PayPal. More information about donating and the perks that you can receive can be found by clicking on the Donate button.

New admins are chosen by the Management team. Those who get chosen are those who put time and effort into helping others; both in-game and on the forums.

Helpers are picked via an application process. You can find all of the information you need here.

Master Account

A new character can be created by clicking Create on an empty slot via the My Characters page.

If you wish to permanently delete a character, click the button entitled Delete character account which is located at the bottom of the individual character page that you wish to delete. You will have to wait 24 hours and then confirm the request. Please do take into account that once you confirm this request, that character cannot be recovered.

If you registered before the new master account system, you can still recover your old character without having to start fresh. Simply navigate to the My Characters page, click Create on one of the empty slots, and then select Add existing character.

Go to Settings and enter a new email where your current email is displayed.

When logged into your master account, select Settings and then Change password.

Go to and enter your email adress.

The reason why your application was denied should be specified in the email which was automatically sent to you. If you were denied temporarily then you still have a chance to correct any mistakes after the temporary ban period has expired. If your application was denied permanently, then you can appeal the ban here.

Being a Youtuber or Twitch streamer does not give you any advantages on our server. You will be treated the same as everyone else who wishes to join our server. Please be patient.

In Game

The in-game rules can be found here.

If you require assistance in-game, then use the command /assistance and describe your problem as in-depth as possible.

The current roleplay year is 2018.

Experience points can be acquired by signing paychecks every hour at XX:00 in-game time. When you have enough experience points then you can use them to level up by executing the command /buylevel confirm. You can also buy weapon skill with said points by visiting an Ammunation. For a more in-depth explanation, follow this link.

Paychecks are how you accumulate money and experience points. They can be signed at a town hall (located in Palomino Creek, Fort Carson and Angel Pine) every hour. The amount of money and experience points you get depends on what faction (and rank) you're in, what job you have, and if you've donated (and in that case how much).

There are several ways that you can acquire a vehicle on RCRP, you can either choose from the various options below or you can respond to in-game advertisements to purchase second-hand vehicles.

  • You can buy vehicles at the Dillimore Automotive Dealershiplocated in Dillimore.
  • You can buy bikes at Mr Grants Bike Shed located in Dillimore.
  • You can buy boats at the Bayside Marina Boat Shoplocated in Bayside

Houses can be bought either from auctions, through bartering with other players ingame, or from Silver Trading located in Montgomery.

The spawnpoint of your character can be changed via the command /changespawn. You have various options to choose from. If you wish to change your newbie spawn, then use /changenoobspawn.

Your skin can be changed by purchasing new skins in one of the various clothing stores located around the map. Once you have purchased a new set of clothes, you can change your skin by using the command /changeclothes. If you're in a faction, then you can use /skin to choose from a variety of faction-specific skins that are available. You can also change clothing via the UCP assuming you've already bought at least one pair from a clothing store.

If you're unable to find a specific skin, weapon, or vehicle then it's restricted and not supposed to used by the general public. Admins will be reluctant to set or spawn any restricted item in-game, so please do not ask.

If you wish to sell something to another player, then use the /sell command to get the full syntax.

Each business has a specific payout that will be added to your paycheck. You will also earn money from entrance fees if your business can be entered, and also a percentage of anything purchase inside.


The forum rules can be found here.

If you're banned from the forums, then make a support ticket or ask someone else to post a ban appeal for you.

No, we do not grant the Donator usergroup on the forum to people who have had the level transferred over to them from another player.

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