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Chief Justice Assaulted by SACSO Deputy 
By Lydia Ashworth • Published 8th April 2018
Party-goers were left stunned this evening as a prank call lead to the Chief Justice, Alexander King, being threatened and assaulted by deputies of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office.

As people enjoyed the club opening, two deputies entered the vicinity claiming there to be "a security issue". Deputy Matthews instructed the club to be cleared out whilst Chief Justice was contacted by SAN Network. SANN were able to gain the following clips of their conversation:
Alexander King says: I saw the 911 call, we will just lock the club.
Eric Matthews says (radio): 183 to 728, 10-4. Need assistance in getting everyone out of here.
Alexander King says: No need for evacuation.
Eric Matthews says: Well a little more hustle might be preferable.
Alexander King says: Lydia, just lock the club.
Alexander King says: No need for an evacuation, the club will be locked.
Alexander King says: No gunmen will enter here.
Eric Matthews says: We have reports that the security of the structure has been compromised.
Alexander King says: Feel free to clear outback.
Alexander King says: I checked the 911 calls myself.
Alexander King says: No such calls.
Eric Matthews says: I HIGHLY implore that you either assist in the evacuation, or leave yourself.
Alexander King says: So unless you have something else to add, there is no evacuation.
Eric Matthews says: Yeah, this isn't an argument, sir, it's an order.
Eric Matthews says: Please leave the building.
Alexander King says: The doors are locked, and no one will come in.
Alexander King says: I am telling you no.
Alexander King says: The building is secure.
Eric Matthews says: Then I'm telling you, that you have 60 seconds before I arrest you for Failure to Comply.
Alexander King says: Unless you have a warrant, you need to leave.
Alexander King says: Threatening to arrest me?
Marquis Prince says: I highly suggest you unlock the door for the other troopers.
Alexander King says: Are you mad?
Eric Matthews says: Absolutely not, sir.
Alexander King says: You need to leave or this will be considered trespassing.
Eric Matthews says: I am completely sane and dead serious.
Eric Matthews says: Then write up a civil complaint.
Alexander King says: No one is leaving.
Eric Matthews shouts: Everyone needs to leave the building.

This was all prior to Chief Justice being assaulted with a beanbag shotgun by a Deputy who has, within the last hour, been arrested.

SAN Network were also able to obtain the following CCTV footage of the incident:

It is believed that Chief Justice suffered severe pain to the arm and broken ribs.

Executive staff from the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office later arrived on scene, describing their own mess as "cancer".

This furthers the question: Are we really safe under the "protection" of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office?
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Written by Lydia Ashworth (Posted by Novi)

Fuel Delivery Leads to Blaze at Montgomery Gas 
By Lydia Ashworth • Published 7th April 2018
A fire broke out, this afternoon, at Montgomery Gas.

The San Andreas Investigation Bureau, joined by San Andreas News Network, were the first on scene, acting quickly to secure the scene whilst the Red County Fire Department were called. SAIB member, Graham Tasker, was relentless in his quest to keep civilians in the area safe, whilst FD simply wished death upon a news reporter.

It is believed that a truck about to deliver fuel to the gas station caused the blaze, crashing into the pumps most likely at speed. The driver of the vehicle was rushed to Crippen Memorial where it's understood that he is in critical condition. An additional casualty was taken to hospital.

Although the blaze was eventually tackled, the Deputy Chief himself was heard referring to the scene as a "f****** mess."

It is not yet known how the driver veered into the gas station, however SAN Network will bring you more updates as they become available.
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Written by Lydia Ashworth (Posted by Novi)

SAN Network Does Easter
By SAN Network • Published 25th March 2018

Spring is here, lambs are bouncing around the fields and there's the feel of new beginnings all around San Andreas. From a new batch of Red County Fire Department graduates to new talent in the form of Anthony Morgan, spring is a time to start over and try something you perhaps haven't before!

SAN Network, too, are trying new things including our "Giving Something Back Initiative" and the return of an old face... Kristian Keegan as Chief Operating Officer.

As spring is a time for celebration, it's also a time for fun - and fun is what we shall provide! As always, SANN are proud to present our event offerings for the season.

Easter Egg Hunt
An annual tradition for locals is the ever popular Easter Egg Hunt. Although previously hosted by the San Andreas State Police's Public Affairs Division, this year it is the turn of SAN Network. 

We've dressed Lydia and Chandler in some bunny ears and set them out with a basket of eggs to be hidden - but this year, we're going bigger than ever!

This Easter, eggs have been hidden around Red County, Bone County AND newly opened town, Rockshore. As in previous years, below are a list of hints as to their locations. You'll need a camera with you to show us where they are ((screenshot them - your name MUST be in the image, whether in the chat or your character in the image)) and when you've found all 20, fill in the below form, along with your images and drop it off at any SAN Network HQ or email [email protected] ((forum PM Beth - please use the subject "SAN Network Does Easter")).

There'll be a cash prize of $250,000 for the first person to find them all as well as three people chosen at random, each receiving $100,000You have until Sunday 1st April to submit your answers.

1. All of this searching is driving me crazy!
2. Can you give me some information as to the whereabouts of these eggs?
3. Room service! I'll uh... take some eggs please.
4. You're barred from stealing our eggs!
5. Let's dine on all of these eggs.
6. Can you repair a broken egg?
7. 1-0 to the Easter Bunny!
8. Who'd have thought an Easter Egg Hunt would turn you into a tomb raider?
9. Truck. Performance. Eggs.
10. Oh, rats!
11. I'm feeling a little tipsy...
12. It must be hungry work, monitoring the counties border bridges!
13. Incoming, a new shipment of eggs is here!
14. Even eggs need to be squeaky clean!
15. Only the finest, most "De Luxe" eggs were used in this hunt.
16. Only the Elite will find all of the eggs.
17. Even eggs need a push sometimes!
18. Do you think Frank fancies an egg?
19. Let's hope it doesn't take you a whole 24 hours to find the eggs...
20. You'd best construct a plan to find them all!

For your entry to be considered, you must use the following submission form:
Spoiler: Submission Form

Good luck!

Fusion™ Fest
Named after upcoming club, FUSION™, Fusion™ Fest is a music festival with the aim to provide a theme for everyone. Featuring DJ sets from M9Radio DJ's, the festival is a great day out for all ages. Food and drink stalls will be available and entry is free. Come on down to Rockshore for the states hottest new event!
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Written by Lydia Ashworth (Posted by Novi)


Launching the "Giving Something Back" Initiative
By Lydia Ashworth • Published 14th March 2018

SAN Network, for a long time, have been a generally welcomed face in the community. From participation in events to the support of articles, nothing SAN Network do would function correctly without the support of the people of San Andreas. 

With that thought in mind, it's time to give something back and put our resources to good use. Starting with the purchase of Rockshore Youth Park Ice Cream Shop, SAN Network will be taking on the challenge to bring improvements to the local communities of Red, Bone and Flint County. In a partnership with Elite Trucking, SANN will be giving the underprivileged the chance to significantly improve their surroundings. Whether that be through upgrades to housing, amenities or simply the provision of equipment.

SAN Network plan to donate resources to the value of $1,000,000 to the most deserving candidates, with help from Elite Trucking who will carry out the work required.

((In short, if you have a faction that you think meets the above criteria this is for you. Although upgrades will be fully RP'ed by Elite Trucking, mapping is unfortunately not provided with this. You will instead receive the full $1,000,000 to use as you wish. The only condition is that you must show proof of your factions' existence through the provision of your faction topic in the application. New factions will be considered, including those who may make a new faction simply to take part!))

If you're from a group or community of people that could benefit from this scheme, simply fill in the below form and email it to [email protected] ((Forum PM Beth)) or alternatively collect a paper copy from any SAN Network Office and hand it in at the front desk ((either way, forum PM me)).

[fdivbox=#ffffff][hr][/hr][size=5][b][color=#5ab4a0]The SAN Network "Giving Something Back" Initiative - Application[/color][/b][/size]
[b][color=#5ab4a0]Your Name:[/color][/b] {Forename Surname}
[b][color=#5ab4a0]Location of Your Community:[/color][/b] {ie. Peach Block}
[b][color=#5ab4a0]((Faction Name)):[/color][/b] {Name}
[b][color=#5ab4a0]((Link to Faction Topic)):[/color][/b] {Link}

[b][color=#5ab4a0]Why should your community win the prize?[/color][/b] {Answer}
[b][color=#5ab4a0]If your community wins, what changes will you request?[/color][/b] {Answer}[/fdivbox]
Applications will be open until Friday 13th April.

Although this is SAN Network's main initiative, this is just the start. As an organisation we plan to contribute more to the locality in the coming months.

Best of luck!
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St Patrick's Day!

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Dillimore Sheriff's Office Arson
By Pippa Ashworth • Published 4th March 2018

In what shocked many, Dillimore Sheriff's Office was ablaze this evening, 4th March. With the roads surrounding the area closed off promptly, members of the Red County Fire Department fought tirelessly to ensure the blaze was put out without endangering any of the working Deputies.

Although the exact source of the fire is, at this moment, unknown, it's believed that the fire was started intentionally and any witnesses are urged to contact 911 with any information they can provide. In the meantime, Fire Investigators will be conducting a full investigation into the cause of the blaze.

Deputy Mark Jonesy stated: "We believe it's an arson. Although we cannot disclose any more information as it's an ongoing investigation." whilst Deputy Pierre Dubois said "I'm just worried that there are people trapped inside."

Whilst everyone was accounted for, Lieutenant Anthony Roberts was taken to hospital following smoke inhalation. San Andreas News Network wish him the very best.

To further the earlier statement, if you have any information as to what happened please call 911 and dial for the Sheriff's Office.

Update, 5th March 2018
In the past few minutes, it's been revealed that the San Andreas Investigation Bureau have major leads into the person or people responsible for the fire. Their public relations division have released the following statement, exclusive to SAN Network.

We can now reveal that two arrests have been made in relation to yesterdays fire. Investigations are still ongoing and we have multiple leads that we're following, however we are working closely with San Andreas County Sheriff's Office to ensure our investigation is concluded and the culprit apprehended within the next few days.

If you have any information that may help us, please contact the San Andreas Investigation Bureau or San Andreas County Sheriff's Office on 911.
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RCFD | February Newsletter

Written by RCFD (Posted by Yassin)

Departmental Newsletter
February 2018


Welcome to March. The month of February has seen many changes to the department with an influx of students into our Academy, the addition of a volunteer system, the addition of an ambulance crew system, event supervision being made to the public and a mass removal of members who fail to show dedication to the department. The department has undergone multiple changes, however, we've pulled through with a successful month that we can be proud of. We've managed to gain a few reinstatements of previous employees and induct a few employees that have displayed brilliance within the Fire Officers team, all of which are making significant progress and helping to maintain a stable department and allow the consistent output of quality services. The month of February has been one to be proud of, and we can't wait to pull through March and achieve a similar outcome, if not better.



We've achieved six new additions to our line-up of apparatus; three medical motorcycles and three medical bicycles. These will be used in coordination with our new event supervision service to allow events hosted by the public to be handled with extreme swiftness and efficiency. Furthermore, they'll be utilized by our Community Relations division to allow for their events to be fully supervised by experienced and qualified medical staff without the need for a bulky Rescue Ambulance or Fly Car. All six vehicles are equipped with BLS equipment to allow for the quickest medical care possible. This will allow for the stabilisation of patients to the fullest extent until further medical assistance arrives, however events are unlikely to need further medical assistance unless extreme injuries are acquired, which further develops the efficiency of these vehicles.



The quality of our medical and firefighting services is extremely important to myself and the entirety of the supervisory team of the department. We want our public to feel safe and secure in the hands of our EMTs. As of late, it has come to my attention that the public [b]do not[/b] feel as though the Fire Department do an appropriate job when on scenes and treating those who are in dire need. I can state with great pleasure that the quality of our medical services are of only the highest and most knowledgeable quality within the state. Our medical services teach for every single possible situation; midwifery, intraosseous drug administration, cricothyrotomy, intravenous drug administration, rapid sequence intubation, chest needle decompression (primary spontaneous pneumothorax, secondary spontaneous pneumothorax, catamenial pneumothorax, traumatic pneumothorax, iatrogenic pneumothorax, tension pneumothorax, etc.), intramuscular drug administration, advanced airway management and more. We also teach proper medical terminology that advances beyond any previous versions of the department to inform our employees of the full extent of their necessary medical training; sinus tachycardia and bradycardia, sinus arrest, atrial and ventricular fibrillation, paroxsymal supraventricular tachycardia, eupnea, bradypnea, apnea, dyspnea, hyperpnea, hyperinflation, pulseless electrical activity, trepopnea, ponopnea, acute respiratory distress syndrome, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, etc. I hope the quality of our services is fortified in the minds of the public within the next month so that the extensive training that each of our employees go through does not go unnoticed and unnecessary, however it brings me a slight sense of joy that our employees haven't had to utilise such advanced treatment; this means that the general health of the public is increasing and harsher conditions that require such extensive treatment is not necessary.


In the recent months, RCFD has been notably lower than the community seems to need. To help combat this issue we have been increasing our attempts at community outreach and even began a new "Volunteer" system that allows members of the Red County community to help us when we need it. The activity, recently, has been growing more and more due to a recent rise in accepted applications. We always strive to help our community when they need it most, and we are always striving for improvement in activity. Along with recruitment outreach, our internal activity of divisions has also been slightly revamped to increase the productivity and deployments of divisions. Since the date of 01FEB18, we have left only 4 911 calls unaccounted for, and 3 of those calls were believed to be hoax calls due to the triangulation of the location of the call as well as the reported location of that call along with the withholding of information and the name of the caller.



Our recent efforts in applications have proven benifical as we went through a period of time where we saw an increase in applications by over 450% in a one week timeframe. We are currently see a "better-than-ever" rise in community interest with our department. Our recruitment process has an average of 8 hours for responding to applictions as well as completing the next steps of our recruitment process hand-in-hand with each other to eliminate the delay to the hiring process.

Our R&T team holds great pride in stating our recent batches of academy students are being held to an even higher standard required to pass our academy stage. We have decided as a group that our recent lack in knowledge within previous NCO teams needed to be addressed, and where better to start than our very own academy. Since the change, we are extremely happy to report that our NCO team and probationary members show great potential in exceeding our standard expectations.



Recently, the Red County Fire Department decided to invest in refurbishing the current rescue ambulances in order to make them:

  • More sterile;
  • More in line with traditional EMS colors for aesthetic ease;
  • More equipped;
  • More spacious;
  • More fashionable; and
  • More efficient.

Our investment returned excellent results, with each of our units being fitted up with a clean and sleek new design to allow all of our patients to experience the most comfortable form of transport to hospital. The design comes with an easy turquoise color and comes fitted with a stretcher, two benches, compartments for EMS apparatus and a built-in ECG (Lifepak) which allows for EMTs or Paramedics to provide treatment throughout transport for the optimal stabilisation in pre-hospital care. This addition clocked the department around $429,999 per unit, totalling at $4,299,990 for the entirety of our fleet to be remodelled.

(( This interior can be accessed by pressing Y or using /enter whilst inside of the ambulance. You can then exit the interior with H or /exit. The purpose of this interior is to allow members of the faction to roleplay with you during transport, as well as to fit more than two people into the back of the ambulance and to allow for a much more aesthetic and immersive transportation. ))

Hopefully you won't have to take a ride in the back of an ambulance anytime soon but, if you do, at least your transportation will be more pleasant due to our investment.




During the month of February, the Fire Department received a substantial amount of reinstatement requests compared to other months. Overall, the department received [b]sixteen[/b] reinstatement requests, fifteen of which were successful or are still pending. Out of those fifteen successful reinstatement requests, three of them were offered & reinstated into Fire Officer positions within the department. This, combined with the immense amount of applications received during the month, has resulted in a massive boost to the amount of people employed by the Red County Fire Department to assist the public. Zeke Swiger, our new Battalion Chief, was reinstated as a Fire Captain. Caroline Shay, who is no longer in the department, and Jamie Cole both also reinstated as Fire Lieutenant and Fire Captain respectively. Meanwhile, the others were offered positions ranging from Probationary Firefighter up to Firefighter II. This increase in employment surely shows a bright future ahead, as people have been noticing the vast improvement within the department and wish to return to their duties.




Late February, an Event Supervision system was implemented by Fire Chief Richard Bleakley. Supervised and handled entirely by the Community Relations division, this program allows members of the public and other organizations to request the Fire Department to oversee any events they may be planning, such as marathons or races. The Community Relations division will dispatch assigned EMTs and Paramedics to the event on specialized units chosen for the specific type of event to be able to provide rapid medical care to anyone who requires it on scene without having to wait for a bulky Rescue Ambulance to arrive first. This allows for quick assistance provided by the Fire Department who're already on scene. Implemented only a few days ago, we've already received a request for an event to be supervised and the Community Relations division is handling it. Hopefully medical care won't have to be provided, but if it does, we'll be ready!




Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month award is granted to those who show extreme dedication and initiative for the department to the point where it is noticed by the Fire Officers and Chief Fire Officers, going completely above and beyond the line of duty in their service to the public. For the month of February, the award has been given to Amanda Carter. Throughout the month of February, Amanda Carter has shown nothing but excellence during her time in the department, with countless staying online for hours at a time when nobody else is online to assist her and yet still powering through every call she can with exceptional performance.

Exceptional Probationary Award

The Exceptional Probationary award is granted to those who display tremendous amounts of dedication to the department and show it in the field and have overall incredible performance during their probationary period. For the month of February, the award has been given to:

  • Dylan Brooks
  • Amanda Carter
  • Tanaquil Snow

Throughout their probationary period, these three have displayed great dedication to the department and treated countless patients, often being forced to patrol alone due to the lack of available units and still performing well without people to guide them on patrol. Therefore, they have all three been granted the Exceptional Probationary award.



I've decided to implement an Ambulance Crew system. Similar to our company system, this allows our EMTs to make use of our newly refurbished ambulances and patrol with three or four members of the department for excellent medical scene coverage and friendship development within the department. This allows for members to consistently patrol with the same people day-in and day-out, allowing them to enjoy their shift a lot more with their friends and provide exemplary teamwork due to the already-formed bonds of all occupants of a singular ambulance crew. Hopefully, this will provide an incentive to come on-duty a lot more, but if that doesn't then perhaps incentives regarding rewards for optimal and high-quality ambulance crews would allow for an incentive to form such a crew. You'll likely find an ambulance with a few members, often one paramedic with the rest being EMTs, patrolling and looking to help the public in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Be sure to interact with our employees to learn a little more about our department, we're guaranteed to be friendly and comforting to the people we serve.



Demolition Derby - Blueberry Acres on Feb 28th!

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Red County Roleplay
SA-MP Gamemode
Version 3.0?









Wait, what? You mean... 2.6, right? I AM SO CONFUSED! WHERE IS MY 2.6?!?


You heard it right — Welcome to Red County Roleplay Version 3.0! With 116 lines of changelog, this is, by far, the largest gamemode update to ever come on the server. It overtakes Version 2.4's 78 lines; Version 2.2's 72 lines; and Version 2.1's 70 lines. Version 3.0 features a handful of new features, with the most-anticipated drug system being the main highlight of this update.




As anticipated, the server pushes the latest SA-MP update to its potential with the implementation of 132 customized models, 74 being pedestrian skin models.



























Go to this thread for more information.

















SA-MP 0.3.DL

RC-RP Version 3.0 comes with San Andreas Multiplayer's latest branch release — SA-MP 0.3.DL. You will need to update your SA-MP client with said version in order to connect to the server.



0.3.DL features a major game-changing update to San Andreas Multiplayer, with serverside model importing being the main highlight of this update. It carries all the features implemented during the development of the now-defunct SA-MP 0.3.8 (RC1 to RC4-4). Refer to this link for the changelog.






You can download SA-MP 0.3.DL-R1 client here.?

















Character Selection Screen





















Drug System





















Rockshore Town





















Customized Models








m9Radio Joins SAN Network | SAN Network

Written by Beth (Posted by Yassin)

m9Radio Joins SAN Network
By Pippa Ashworth  Published 21st February 2018

In a merger reportedly worth $1,000,000, SAN Network has today merged with the local radio station, m9Radio.

"Founded by Sean Murphy in late 2014 m9Radio was set-up as a company to provide equipment for DJ Montell, however, it exploded when Daniel Evans took on the role of special guest DJ in January leading a crowd of around 35 people to dance on the streets of Montgomery."

Returning a radio aspect to SAN Network is just part of the networks' plans to modernize their services. Combined with their hunt to purchase nightclub premises, SANN plan to cover all aspects of the entertainment industry. 

In talks with m9Radio, plans were mentioned for the provision of personal radio streams; regular club openings and other constant expansion.

m9Radio's founder, Sean Murphy, said the following

I don't make formal statements, and this isn't going to be any different. We've said 'f*** it' and merged with SAN. Why? Easy. More power. SAN Network has always been that straight shooter of a company that was afraid to have fun. Thanks to a new company director it is about to change. m9Radio is going to bring some fun back to the county and SAN is going to help us.
We hope you enjoy the talk shows, banter, and usual shenanigans that will happen over the next 9000 years.
All the best,
m9Radio's own DJDDoS

Both organizations hope this to be mutually beneficial and look forward to working together for a better network!

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